These FAQs will be periodically update as we receive more questions from you or we find useful things to answer before you even ask.

        1. How are we handling referrals?  Can I submit a referral for a pastor I know?

We love referrals!  If you know someone you think would be a good fit for our church, please send them to this website and have them email us their resume.  Be sure they tell us who referred them.  They still have to go through the same process as all other applicants, but we would like to see their application.


        2. Why are you not using a professional pastoral search service?
  • The committee feels as though a professional does not have the personal relationship with the congregation like we do.
  • The general board has done a lot of work getting us prepared for this process; their work has provided us with a lot of the same resources a professional would.
  • We, as the search committee, have done a lot of work to understand how to do this job well. This is why the process got off to a slow start.
  • The cost of hiring a professional service is a consideration though not a big one.
  • We are still willing to consider hiring a professional if we find one is needed.


        3. How will the selection process for a new Moab Community Church pastor work?

The process is broadly outlined in our church constitution. The General Board selects five members to form the pastoral selection committee. The committee then takes the necessary steps so that an outreach for candidates can occur. Once a candidate pool has been developed, they will be considered and evaluated; based upon personal character, education, ministerial record, giftedness, preaching ability administrative/operational abilities. When a suitable candidate is found, the committee shall recommend him to the General Board for consideration. Upon agreement, the General Board shall recommend him to the church for consideration. Only one candidate shall be presented to the church at one time. A call of a Pastor shall come before a regularly called business meeting. An affirmative vote of three quarters of the active members present and qualified to vote are necessary for a call to be extended.


        4. How will the Pastoral search committee go about making a candidate recommendation to the general board?

As has been mentioned in our briefings to the congregation, the developed position description and the congregational survey results will be foundational to our evaluation. In addition, there is a need to look beyond these and consider some more “intangible” qualities or traits to assure our next pastor is one who nurtures the congregation and guides us.

Some of the more intangible qualities or traits are: First, our next pastor must have connectivity to the congregation or in other words, they must have the ability to be liked. This is important because people typically will not learn from someone they don’t like. In addition, the candidate must engender a spirit among the congregation that causes them to believe that their pastor cares very much about them and has a true heart for the congregation. Third, there needs to be more than a desire to preach and build an organization. Our pastor will need to have a deep-seated calling to minister to a broken world or to those that are hurting. And finally, they must have a rich and profound prayer life. A Senior pastor without a rich prayer life is a pastor who is not seeking God’s direction for our church, is not filled up.


        5. Given that the congregation has encountered declining attendance, how is the Pastoral search committee looking at a candidate’s ability to assist in strategically planning and implementing for Church growth?

While growing the church is not the highest priority, it is important from the standpoint of meeting the needs of our growing Moab community and its changing demographics. The search committee recognizes that we as individuals; and as a church, are called to share the light of Christ or the “Great Commission” (Matthew 28:19- Go therefore, and make disciples of all nations, (neighbors); baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit). It is the search committee’s desire for our chosen Pastor to recognize the need for his leadership, insights, and prayerful focus on helping individual church members recognize their gifts; and the commission for each of us to pour out into the community the love of Christ.


        6. Were characteristics of a healthy church taken into consideration as part of the position description for the MCC?

Yes. This was one of the steps that the pastoral search committee considered early in the development of the position description. The General Board for the Moab Community Church provided reference materials to the selection committee that included these characteristics. There are typically about eight to ten qualities that indicate a healthy vibrant church. Fortunately, our congregation reflects and supports many of these traits. It is also comforting to know that the respondents to our recent church survey want our new pastor to be a person who supports these same characteristics in their leadership, teacher, and pastoral roles.

        7. If the search committee and congregation become discouraged during this process or for whatever reason, it is taking longer than expected, does the search committee have a plan ready if this situation arises?

Hopefully, the Pastoral search committee will continue taking a “Not weary in well doing” (Galatians 6:9) approach to discovering our new pastor. We recognize that the devil may discourage us in many different ways. To date, the committee has been able to overcome obstacles through prayers for guidance, unity, discernment, patience, and wisdom and transition. However, if for some reason progress stalls or discouragement sets in, the search committee does have an alternate plan ready to enact if needed. Your Pastoral search committee does care about the health and well being of our congregation and is listening to your concerns.


Your Search Committee Team