Theological Positions of our Church

Regarding Salvation:
We believe that salvation rests in the finished work of Jesus Christ. That Jesus was sinless but became sin for us that we might be made righteous through faith in Him. Salvation requires that we trust in Jesus and invite Him to be the Lord of our lives.

Regarding God:
We believe in the traditional Trinitarian view of God. That He exists in three persons; The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Each person of the trinity is co-equal and exist together in perfect unity.

Regarding Jesus Christ:
We believe that Jesus is the pre-existent Son of God. He came to earth being sent by the Father to be born to a virgin named Mary. He lived a sinless life and died a sacrificial death to redeem those who believe in Him. He was raised by the power of God.

Regarding Mankind:
We believe that man is loved by God. Man in the natural condition is sinful and separated from God. Mankind stands in desperate need of a savior who is Jesus Christ the Lord. Each person must individually accept Jesus into their lives by faith.

Regarding the Future state of the redeemed:
We believe that Jesus will come back to earth as He promised to gather His church to Himself. Those who die in faith go immediately upon their death to be with Jesus to await His glorious appearing to earth where He will reign forever and ever. We believe that those who do not believe are lost.

Regarding Authority: We believe the Bible is the final authority for all faith and practice.

What is Prayer?

If the Bible is our food, then prayer is our air. It’s the way by which we draw in the atmosphere of God.

Prayer is rich and varied. Sometimes we confess our sins in a prayer of penitence. Sometimes we praise God in worship and thanksgiving. Sometimes we ask God for help and grace to meet whatever comes our way. Sometimes we pray for other people. Sometimes we’re quiet, knowing that when we stop clamoring and pleading our case, there comes a sense of God’s reply, some intimation of His will, some message from Him to us.

Remember that nothing God can ever give is comparable to himself. It is God we seek in prayer. Everything else is secondary.