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The Mission Briefing – February 2024

The Mission Briefing February 2024

This month we are studying the church. It is very difficult to define in both a concise and comprehensive way. It’s mostly just taken for granted. We could describe ourselves as the people of God, but that omits so much. We could write volumes about the church but that would not be very memorable or useful. In science, most formulas have both conciseness and application. They have a beautiful elegance. Theology is no different. So, here are a couple of attempts at a2+b2=c2 for the church.

Matthew 16: The Church = the people who recognize Jesus and have the authority to bring others into the Kingdom.

1 Peter 2: The Church = God’s own people build together on Jesus to represent Him to the world.
Ephesians 4: The Church = a gifted unity of people serving and maturing together in Christlikeness.

These are all true and good. They are powerful and faithful. They put Jesus at the center of who the church is, but they are not comprehensive. We will continue to study this in future weeks at which time I will invite you to write your own definition, but let me try one more to get you thinking.

The Church = the people loved by the Father, united and saved in the Son, and empowered by the Spirit to represent God and His good purposes in the world.

What do you think? Any definition is going to have Jesus front and center and the complementary ideas of mission and maturity. Keep that in mind. Begin to think about how you would write the definition of the church in the coming weeks.

Now, for the rest of the is Mission Briefing I would like to introduce some ways I would like to measure the health of our church. We will use both quantitative and qualitative measures and I will report the results to you every quarter. This is an initial stab at creating a regular assessment tool. I’m sure it will develop with practice. But here is where I would like to begin.

Quantitative Measures – Quantitative measures deal with numbers. Numbers are often talked about as unimportant in the health of a church. Granted, there are a lot of other things to measure that reflect the health of the church and it is true a shrinking church might be healthier in some ways but that is the exception to the rule. The early church in Acts 2:41 speaks about numbers saying “3,000 were added to their number that day.” They had a regular number and knew how many were added. Numbers aren’t everything but it’s not to ignore them.

1. New Contacts – We want visitors in our worship services and other programs. It’s great to minister to out-of-town visitors but more important to the health of our church is to have members of the community dropping in, and filling out their information so we can follow up with them. If you see a visitor or even think someone is a visitor, introduce yourself and ask them, “Does the pastor or church office have your information? We would really like to get to know you better.” Then, hand them a card and if possible, watch them fill it out and you place it in the offering plate. Taking this initiative will greatly increase our ability to follow up with visitors.

2. New Believers – A new measure we will start counting this year is conversions. We highly value new people coming to faith. Advancing the Kingdom of Jesus in Moab includes new people placing their trust in Christ. These are people who are walking away from a life of sin to find life in Jesus. This one is a little harder to track but you can help by making sure to tell the church office if you have put your faith in Jesus or know someone who has. Please pray to increase this number most of all.

3. Baptisms – The church baptizes new believers. This is often one of the first steps in discipleship after conversion. It’s marks a public declaration of the gospel and obedience to Jesus.

4. Rededications – There are times that we walk away from the Lord for a while, experience a dark season in our lives, or feel called to get more serious about our relationship with Jesus. The church is doing its job as it calls people back to the Lord and His goodness for them. I expect this number to be significant but I’m still thinking about the best way to report this and track it.

5. New Members – We would like to see people getting plugged in and engaged in the official business of the church. Members serve in leadership positions and ministry teams. They vote members into those roles, call and dismiss the pastor, and set the budget. A couple years ago the members voted regarding denominational affiliation. It is important to have church members staying engaged. This especially involves setting the budget. The budget is a concrete expression of what we believe is most important. So important that we put resources behind these ideas in order to move the needle in the right direction.

6. Average Attendance – We will count average worship attendance as in past years. A spiritually healthy Christian will worship somewhere with other believers. Our main worship event is the Sunday morning service at 10:00 am. Last year our average attendance was 109. Our goal is the increase this by 10% each year until we reach 200.

7. Median Age and Age Distribution– We are going to keep an eye on how our age reflects our community. The median age of Moab is 39. The Community Church has an average age of 52 ?. We are quite a bit older than the rest of Moab. This is not surprising and not terrible, but we should expect that as the church gets healthier, we will reflect the average age of the community. The only way to do this is to reach more younger families and kids. A good rule of thumb is to have the following age distribution 70% adults 18 and over, 10% 13-17, and 20% 12 and below. As you can see in the chart to the right, we need to reach more teenagers and their parents.

8. Small Group Involvement – Not everyone will be involved in a small group, but these are key to the health of a church. We have three consistent small groups that are currently meeting. Keith and Dianne lead one every other Tuesday night at 6:30 pm. Castle Valley group at is 6:30 pm with Lisa Scott. Mike and Lynda meet on Thursdays at 3:00 pm, and Linda, Earleen, and Deborah host a group on Friday mornings at 10:30 am. Our Sunday Connection class is not a traditional small group but it’s a great Bible study and provides some prayer and fellowship on Sunday mornings from 11:30 – 12:00 pm in the conference room. (It counts.) Everyone needs their groups of 3, 12, and 70. Finding yours might be the difference between being spiritually healthy or not.

9. Giver Percentage – a healthy Christian is going to be a contributor to the advancement of the Kingdom. When God has their hearts, they will no longer be a slave to money. One of the measures of spiritual health is generosity. I’m not going to be measuring what people give. I never look at that but I’m going to ask the financial secretaries to tell me how many of our attenders are giving. This is a little difficult to track for people who give with cash so there will be a small margin of error. Our percentage will be the number of givers divided by the number of attenders. For better accuracy, we will group givers in family units.

10. BELLS – Living a missional lifestyle involves blessing people, eating with people, learning Jesus, listening to the Holy Spirit, and identifying yourself as someone who is sent out. Tracking this will likely happen through a tool we create or the quarterly survey I will introduce below.

Qualitative Measures – Qualitative measures deal with subjective responses that do not deal in numbers. Every quarter, I’m going to ask you to complete a short survey regarding your experience as the church. I’m still formulating the questions, but it will resemble the following:

1) How would you rate the church about staying on mission (Advancing the Kingdom of Jesus Christ)?
2) Are the relationships in the church generally loving and warm? (The Great Commandment)
3) Is the leadership of the church keeping the main thing the main thing? (The Great Commission)
4) Are you understanding more about God and yourself from the Bible? (Maturity)
5) Is your relationship with Jesus getting closer? (Maturity)
6) Is your prayer life getting stronger? (Maturity)
7) Are you getting more comfortable sharing your life in words and actions? (Mission)
8) Are you becoming better equipped to serve? (Mission)
9) Are you volunteering somewhere in the church or a Christian ministry? (Mission)
5) Is your relationship with Jesus getting closer? (Maturity)
6) Is your prayer life getting stronger? (Maturity)
7) Are you getting more comfortable sharing your life in words and actions? (Mission)
8) Are you becoming better equipped to serve? (Mission)
9) Are you volunteering somewhere in the church or a Christian ministry? (Mission
10) Are you working with or praying for the teenagers in Moab? (Mission)

I will likely quantify these measures so we can see change over time but also look for
ways to help us improve on these through sermons, small groups, one on one time, and special events. I’m excited for this season of ministry.

With you In Christ,
Pastor Kyle




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