The Moab Community Church is one of 17 churches in the area. The Church was first chartered on March 21, 1905 as the Baptist Chapel of Moab and called her first pastor in June 1906. On August 28, 1910 the First Baptist Church of Moab was dedicated and the original building to house the church was built February 24, 1918. During the coming years, the church continued to grow despite a damaging fire to the building. Because of support from the Moab community, the name was changed to The Community Baptist Church. In the fall of 1956, the current building was under construction and the move to this location was made in October of that year. The Fellowship Hall and education wing were dedicated on November 7, 1956. The Sanctuary Building was then built and dedicated on March 21, 1965. Since then, the facilities have undergone many renovations and upgrades to what can be seen in the pictorial brochure located in the Pastoral Search link.

The church family continued to grow and has transformed into a multi-denominational church serving Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Christians, Congregationalists, and all other cooperating denominations in the area. The name was changed to Moab Community Church in January 2001. The church is independent, but voluntarily affiliated with the American Baptist Church USA. Persons from all evangelical denominations are gladly received into full membership by baptism , by transfer of their church letters, by experience or by restoration thus recognizing the bond of unity in Jesus Christ.

Our beliefs are identified on the website here. Membership is approximately 260-300. Average attendance is approximately 120. One of the more substantial strengths is the unity among our members. There is a strong sense of respect, dignity and community shown towards one another. It is very apparent during services, times of interaction at events, or when greeting one another in the community. The qualities we appreciate are: Preaching and teaching that is biblically foundational while pertinent to our times; the opportunity and gift of worship; ministering to and supporting families; being able to provide caregiving and mission support; and making visitors feel welcome. Our worship services are uplifting, Bible based, and provide a good music ministry. Our church has been an evangelical community leader in the town of Moab since its inception in 1905. The church and its leaders have been well thought of in the larger community. The support we give to the Moab community causes is well known and appreciated by Christians and non-Christians alike. Many members support community needs and causes individually as well. The church has been very willing to start and maintain new ministries that reach out to the spiritually, emotionally, and physically needy (YoungLife, Food bank, Vacation Bible School, and the Pregnancy Center). We have had a long-standing mission vision and financially support a number of missionaries involved in international outreach.