The Moab Community Church, located where Adventure Begins, is looking for a senior pastor to challenge the congregation to honor God, love Jesus, and to recognize and heed the Holy Spirit’s calling.

General Description:

The Senior Pastor provides spiritual, pastoral, outreach, educational, and servant leadership to the congregation of The Moab Community Church so the congregation might fulfill its mission as a light of Christ in the City of Moab. The Senior Pastor relates to and connects with multiple generations and a diverse congregation within a growing, small town, tourist based community. In addition, the pastor represents the congregation in community activities to explore new ways that the Church can support and engage with the surrounding area. Recognizing the importance of spiritual health and one’s personal relationship with God, the Senior Pastor takes time for regular prayer, Bible study, rest, and recreation. Lastly, the senior pastor extends God’s grace to others and leads by example as one who is relational, authentic, transparent, and humble.

Detailed Description:

  • Guide the spiritual formation of the congregation through teaching, preaching, and leadership by example.
  • Work with church boards to develop teaching opportunities, care for the congregation, and manage the church facilities.
  • Help develop leadership within the church to grow the congregation and accomplish the great commission.
  • Work with the boards and Missions Committee to ensure that the Church is providing opportunities to be involved in hands-on service opportunities within and beyond the Church.
  • Set goals and visions to help develop outreach programs in our community as well as ministries within our Church body.
  • Help develop small groups within the church body.
  • Encourages congregation to participate in ministries, outreaches, and teaching.
  • Oversee administration of the church facilities and supervise staff in their work.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Must have a devout personal faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Must possess a graduate theological degree from an accredited seminary school.
  • Prefer previous administrative experience.
  • Prefer a familiarity with the Baptist tradition.
  • Agrees with the elder scriptural qualifications set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.


Please send resumes to:

If more information needed, please send email to: