Missionaries We Support


Daniel and Gayna Salinas for United World Missions

Daniel and Gayna Salinas are serving in Medellin, Colombia at the Biblical Seminary of Colombia. Daniel is a professor of theology and church history at the seminary. Daniel also serves as the associate director of the Theological Education Initiative, a program of the United World Mission. Gayna grew up in Green River, Utah and after graduating from USU went as a missionary to Latin America.



Robert & Molly Clementz (Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Shannon & Nelia Ries (One Collective)

Peter & Kathy Clark (Christar)

Peter is from Leeds, England, and studied Music Education before beginning teaching. Kathy grew up in Houston, Texas, and also studied Music Education at Texas Tech University.

After teaching in England, then in Conroe, Texas, the Clarks felt the Lord calling them to provide Christian schooling for children of “workers” overseas. They taught for 7 years (from 1997) at Whitman Academy, in Amman, Jordan. Then for 13 years ran a small MK school in North Africa.
Now the Lord has led them into a new ministry! With instability and war in so many countries around the world, Europe is finding itself inundated with refugees. This provides many opportunities to reach even more people with the Hope of the Gospel! The Clarks relocated to northern England early in 2020 to work with asylum-seekers and immigrants, teaching them English, helping them settle in and become contributing citizens of their new country, and sharing the Truth of God’s infinite and unfailing love and grace.



Duane & Shirley Troyer (Wycliffe Bible Translators)


Kerry & Charlyn Kelly (World Team)

Arches New Hope Pregnancy Center