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Spring 2020 Echoes Access Codes

There really are no words to describe this past week. In what feels like an unsettling, uncertain, and challenging place—we can rest in knowing that God is in control.

And, although our ministries are beginning to look different, they are as important as ever.

With that in mind, we are providing digital versions of your current spring curriculum so that you can continue resourcing those you serve.

Below, we’ve included access codes for each age level of Echoes. To download your curriculum, please visit and follow the instructions.

Spring 2020 Echoes Access Codes

240142132 Echoes Spring 2020 Toddler
240142140 Echoes Spring 2020 Preschool
240142148 Echoes Spring 2020 Early Elementary
240142156 Echoes Spring 2020 Elementary
240142164 Echoes Spring 2020 Upper Elementary
240145048 Echoes Spring 2020 Middle School
240145052 Echoes Spring 2020 High School
240145056 Echoes Spring 2020 Adult
If you are looking for materials that will help families talk about our current COVID-19 circumstances, here is a lesson for kids titled “God Takes Our Worries.” This lesson includes student resources and coronavirus materials that families can use at home.

We encourage you, during this time, to use these lessons in your livestreams, recordings, or to distribute them to the families in your ministry for at-home study. For further information and permissions, visit

Please know that we will continue to adapt to your evolving needs during these extraordinary days. But we also take comfort in the things that aren’t changing.

God is still on His throne.
His Church is still strong.
His Word is still alive and active.
His Spirit is still moving.
And we still serve Him.

We are with you,

Your David C Cook Curriculum Team

If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 800.323.7543 (hours of operation 7am – 5pm MST), email us at, or chat with us at