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  • We now have a Pastoral Search Committee. The members are Mark Curnutte, Mike Diem, Paula Radcliffe, Josh Griffin and Jordan Bryant
  • The Church Cabin is available. Please call the office to make reservations.

Message from Pastor Keith about opening the church!

It is with joy that I am writing to you. It always gives me this joy when I think of each of you and your faith. I know that we all are looking forward to the time we can all be back together again in a normal worship service. We are going to open in a limited way this coming Sunday Morning at 10:00 a.m.. There will be some restrictions that we are asked to observe for a time. These are going to call for us all to have some patience and be willing to limit our interactions. Here is the plan for Sunday and probably for a number of Sunday’s to come.

We will be asking everyone to observe the social distancing practices that hopefully we are all aware. We are obviously asked to not hug or do handshakes. And it will be best to observe the six-foot rule. I am asking that we wear masks at all times during the service. Singing without a mask is a very good way to spread the virus if we might have it.

There will be some changes to what we do during our worship services. There will be a way to give your offerings as you enter or leave the building, but no plates will be passed. We will not pass out bulletins but will give announcements and directions as needed. We have removed the Hymnals and Bibles from the pews. All of our singing will be along with the praise team with lyrics on the screen. There will not be any Children’s church or nursery attendant, but the nursery will be open for parents. We will not have a fellowship time or greeting time. Seating will be by family units or at least six feet away from others.

We would like to caution our older members and those with conditions that put them at risk to watch the service over the various internet choices that we will provide both during and after the service. Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks to going live with the services. Following is the service order for Sunday mornings.

Prelude – Prayer – Praise Team – Family Prayer – Announcements – Message – Invitation Prayer – Postlude.

I apologize for the changes and the way they take us out of our normal routines. For now this is the best we can do given our situation.

In Christ and In His Hope,

Pastor Keith


Sunday Morning Service:

Children's· 10:00 a.m. Worship Service (Childrens Church and Nursery provided) · 11:00 a.m. Fellowship Time · 11:15 a.m. Connection Classes (paused for COVID lockdown)

Jesus is Lord!@

Men's Prayer Meeting

Wednesday mornings 6:00 a.m. @ Moab Grill. All men are invited for this time of fellowship & prayer.

Jesus is Lord!@

Everyone Can Serve

Give OnlineLook for opportunities to serve; don’t wait to be asked!  Remember, you can serve without being a part of an “official” ministry. We all can:

  • Extend the word of welcome, whether or not we are official greeters
  • Be listening caring friends, whether or not we are offical lay counselors
  • Be ready to give reason for the hope that is in us, whether or not we are on the evangelism team
  • Be enthusiastic participants and ready to give a hand, whether or not we are on the planning or cleanup committees.
Here’s information on an additional teaching series we subscribe to David C. Cook
Here is another link from David C. Cook for coloring pages for the kids.

What is a Community Church?

Monthly From Pastor Keith

Keith’s Quill




Keith’s Quill – July 2020

We are getting ready this week to celebrate our Independence as a nation. It seems like only a while back that I was graduating from seminary in 1976. It was the bi-centennial year. I still have a bag of bi-centennial money that I collected during that year and a few years beyond. That two hundredth year anniversary has now come to be two hundred and forty-four. Those years have seen our country live through a lot. We have made tremendous progress in some areas. Who would have thought you could talk to someone around the world from just about anywhere else. The internet is still a puzzle to most of us, but we use it every day and would be lost without it. Very few if any knew. How could we have imagined that sitting in Moab, Utah we could order most anything for sale and have it delivered to our door in two days. Most of us are not good at photography, yet most all of us can now take a great picture using a phone. That picture can be sent anywhere to another phone or computer instantly. Who knew that we would be able to chat with our family and watch our grandchildren take their first steps live and in beautiful color right from our couch hundreds of miles away? Who would have thought when I graduated from seminary that all the books I could possible ever want to read or study would be available on my computer screen or on my phone? And just think that you can have any word spelled for you and about any bit of information you might desire just by asking a little digital assistant we call Alexa. Or for that matter, Googling it. I have satellite receiver in my car and in my house. And they are not very large dishes anymore but very capable of amazing things. Yet with all these advancements we are still struggling to have a civil discussion on anything the slight bit controversial. Technology keeps growing but people keep growing apart. Now we have a problem with a virus that we can’t seem to solve that is tearing us further apart. I might be so bold to write here that forty-four years ago I finished 20 years of school believing that I had the answer to everything. I just knew that Jesus could solve any problem and fix any situation if we would allow Him to do so. I still think so. My pessimism comes from watching so many for so long not turning His direction even when they know they should. Our confidence in our science and technology has taken over our minds and our hearts. When they fail we are so lost! There is hope. We are constantly reminded in Scripture to turn back to the Lord. If we do so He will hear us and heal our hearts. I wonder if our culture might be racing toward a break, but even so we don’t need to be. God can save us one person at a time. We must be born again. The same message that I began with forth-four years ago is still the solution. Without personal faith in Jesus there is really no hope for us. Let’s continue to be the light even if the world hides it’s face from it. Never give up and never give in.
God is transcendent and He will prevail.


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