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Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ with the Moab Community

Sunday Morning Service: Children's

· 10:00 a.m. Worship Service (Nursery Provided)
· 11:00 a.m. Fellowship Time
· Note: No Connections classes in the summer months & will resume in September.

Jesus is Lord!@

This month, in the foyer of our church, there will be a basket available for you to put in items that can be used in the upcoming OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD shoeboxes. Yes, can you believe it is that time of the year again! Collection Week is Monday, November 16th thru Monday, November 23rd from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Donna Hofmann always does an amazing job as our OCC Coordinator for the Moab area. She is planning a Shoebox Packing Party on Wednesday, November 18th. This is such a great way to support this wonderful ministry in presenting the Gospel to a child somewhere around our world. Shoeboxes will be available starting on Sunday, October 11th thru Collection Week ending on November 23rd.

Jesus is Lord!@

Sunday, October 11th right after Worship Service. EVERYONE IS INVITED!! We will be grilling out in our parking lot, so that will all be provided along with beverages. We just ask that you bring a Salad or Dessert to share, keeping in mind the Harvest plenty of food this time of year.apples, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, etc. YUM!!

Early Prayer is better!

Men's Prayer Meeting Wednesday mornings 6:00 a.m. @ Moab Grill. All men are invited for this time of fellowship & prayer.

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Everyone Can Serve

Look for opportunities to serve; don't wait to be asked!  Remember, you can serve without being a part of an "official" ministry. We all can:

  • Extend the word of welcome, whether or not we are official greeters
  • Be listening caring friends, whether or not we are offical lay counselors
  • Be ready to give reason for the hope that is in us, whether or not we are on the evengelism team
  • Be enthusiastic participants and ready to give a hand, whether or not we are on the planning or cleanup committees.Come and meet people


Many of us who love the church, have found that one of the most powerful life changing aspects of the church is being in a group of people that help and encourage us along the way. In fact most churches that are experiencing real growth have discovered that groups are really the way to help people with their spiritual journey and ministry. To this end the Vision Team has been wrestling with the best way to launch some long-term groups that are shaped and centered in encouraging each participant and educating them con-cerning the themes and message of the Bible. So we are going to begin these kinds of groups in what we have formally called for a number of years discipleship classes. We would like to recognize the function of the groups by calling them Connections. The emphasis being that of connecting with others and establishing the kind of contact that issues in accountability and its resultant fruit i.e. peace, joy, love. We expect some evolution in how these groups operate. What we do have is a beginning date: Sunday September 21st. More information will be coming up. (Watch weekly bulletins) This is going to be a significant opportunity for you and yours. It will include all ages. There will be new groups forming for those who consider themselves young adults that will be meeting at different times and perhaps in different loca-tions. If you feel disconnected this may be your time to find that connection in your church.

Jesus is Lord!

Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is Lord!

Working Pastor

Happy Birthday! I write that most every day to someone on Facebook. It is fun to wish people a great day and it is a good way to connect. No one dislikes someone telling him or her “happy birthday” even if they are not excited about getting older.

Many of you, this past week, wished me a “happy birthday” and I wanted to first thing in this article, tell you thank you! For all of you that sent me cards and baked me cookies and cupcakes and sent candy to me, God Bless You. I probably don’t need the sweets, but oh they were so good. What was even better was all the well wishes and thoughtfulness.

This church is a special place because we care about each other. I know that I am not the only one that feels like this loves them. I see how you respond to each other and know we care. This is exactly how it is supposed to be. If somehow we have failed in your estimation to care about you, and you feel that as you might be reading this piece, may I say that I am extremely sorry. We will try to be better because one goal of every church should be to make every person feel like they are important and special because in God’s sight they truly are.

So maybe this needs to be turned into a challenge. Lets make sure that everyone who comes into our church is greeted with a smile and has the opportunity to have someone listen to their heart and respond with theirs. We have heard a good measure of our own behavior might be ‘what would Jesus do?” When we ask that question concerning how we treat each other the answer is very clear. We would care for each other at whatever personal cost there might be. Can we make that one of our church goals for the year? Everyone caring about every one else. I know that I feel your love and I do really desire that everyone who is a part of our church will join me in that wonderful, life affirming experience.

Allow me to give a special Thank You to all those who invited someone to church for the Back to Church Sunday. Keep up the good work. Inviting people to the Lord is not a once a year event, put rather a life event. May our lives be a sweet witness and our lips give testimony of our faith in Jesus.

“For I know that the LORD is great, and that our Lord is above all gods.” Psalm 135:5



Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!

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