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Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ with the Moab Community

Sunday Morning Service: Children's

· 10:00 a.m. Worship Service (Nursery Provided)
· 11:00 a.m. Fellowship Time
· Note: No Connections classes in December.

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Men's Prayer Meeting Wednesday mornings 6:00 a.m. @ Moab Grill. All men are invited for this time of fellowship & prayer.

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Everyone Can Serve

Look for opportunities to serve; don't wait to be asked!  Remember, you can serve without being a part of an "official" ministry. We all can:

  • Extend the word of welcome, whether or not we are official greeters
  • Be listening caring friends, whether or not we are offical lay counselors
  • Be ready to give reason for the hope that is in us, whether or not we are on the evengelism team
  • Be enthusiastic participants and ready to give a hand, whether or not we are on the planning or cleanup committees.

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The 2017 Church Directory is available for you to pick up either at the church office or in the back of the Sanctuary. The 2016 Annual Report is also available. It’s always amazing to read all that has happened in the past year at our church.


Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is Lord!

Working Pastor

As February begins, we find ourselves in a new political climate. Not unusual for America every four to eight years. It has been a while sense one political party was allowed by the American people to dominate very long. I guess we just don’t trust each other enough to allow that. There are some die-hards that never change their political party regardless who is running. But then there are those independents and those who cross over from their political party depending on who they like and who might give them what they need at the moment. So at any rate there is inevitable political change and thus tension. This year along with that tension there is a movement to blame the Christian church and Christians for the change. I have read some pretty hard editorials about the supposed hypocrisy. They always carry some truth. But usually they leave a lot unsaid. I am not going to use this article or the pulpit or any place I have some authority to justify anything or anyone. We are free people who make up our own minds on political issues. I will speak about issues that affect our church and that have biblical support. The issue that I see that needs to be addressed immediately is our unity. I know that Satan has in mind to divide us. He wants to pit one against the other. He desires that our love be tested and found wanting. My prayer is that in our church that will not happen, but we will be tempted. The beauty of our local church is that we don’t set any political agendas for others to follow. We attempt to set a pattern of biblical understand ing that guides us to make Godly decisions about how we take political actions. We might differ on those actions, but agree that they are to be biblically based. So our discussions should center on what God says rather then what any political pundits or platforms say. We seek to follow the Lord wherever He leads us. We obey the government because we are told to do so whenever we can, but Government never is to be our final authority. When we get caught up trying to defend every action of any political party, we will inevitable find ourselves in conflict with God’s Word. As we follow the Lord we might find ourselves in different places in our church. Can we be gracious enough to realize that God leads others different directions and may have a reason to do so? The rightness or wrongness of these positions lies in what God says and where He leads. We might be uncomfortable with those who think differ ently then us. There is nothing wrong with this. It is when we who are different come together in the name of Jesus that our real strength becomes apparent to the world. Isn’t that what we have been taught about America? The Bible is clear on this point; we are to love each other. The fact that we might be different in our thinking from each other makes it even more important to do so.


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Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!

Special Mission Opportunities

Starting In January, we began to raise funds for two special projects here at The Community Church. The first project was generated by the Mission Trip that was taken to Juarez, Mexico last year. It has come to our attention that the young lady that helps with the Casas Por Cristo Missions and helped our team is in need of an enclosed trailer to protect her valuable tools. With the encouragement of those who made up the mission team, we are attempting to raise $3,000 for this project. This should buy the trailer and aid Jessica Selburg to continue her ministry to the various teams that come to build houses. The fund is called “Jessica’s Trailer”.

The second project for which we would like to ask your assistance is the new roof. We will be replacing all the roofing everywhere on the property that has shingles. We are going to be replacing those shingles with a new metal roof that is designed to look like shingles but have a lifetime warranty. Our insurance company, Church Mutual, will underwrite the major cost of this project. We will pay for the deductible and for the upgrade to the metal roofing. Our part should be around $10,000. This is obviously a real deal for us. The cost of the roof is around 8 to 10 times greater then our cost. Again if you would like to help us raise the funds for this project it would be greatly appreciated. You can indicate with your gift, “Roofing Project”. Thank you!

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Pastor Keith’s Connection Class “The Battle Plan for Prayer” has 4 more weeks to go. You are more than welcome to be a part of it on any given Sunday. We meet in the Sanctuary, at 11:15, right after our Fellowship Time. “The Struggle is Real...but so is the Power of Prayer” Join Us!

Many of us who love the church, have found that one of the most powerful life changing aspects of the church is being in a group of people that help and encourage us along the way. In fact most churches that are experiencing real growth have discovered that groups are really the way to help people with their spiritual journey and ministry. To this end the Vision Team has been wrestling with the best way to launch some long-term groups that are shaped and centered in encouraging each participant and educating them con-cerning the themes and message of the Bible. So we are going to begin these kinds of groups in what we have formally called for a number of years discipleship classes. We would like to recognize the function of the groups by calling them Connections. The emphasis being that of connecting with others and establishing the kind of contact that issues in accountability and its resultant fruit i.e. peace, joy, love. We expect some evolution in how these groups operate. What we do have is a beginning date: Sunday September 21st. More information will be coming up. (Watch weekly bulletins) This is going to be a significant opportunity for you and yours. It will include all ages. There will be new groups forming for those who consider themselves young adults that will be meeting at different times and perhaps in different loca-tions. If you feel disconnected this may be your time to find that connection in your church.

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Job Opening at the Community Church

Help!After twenty-seven years as our faithful Church Secretary and now Church Administrator, Dianne VanArsdol is retiring. She will continue to be a faithful church member and highly involved in our ministry. We will have a time to celebrate her work and service as the time for her retirement approaches. She plans on retiring the first of June this year, but will be taking her vacation and thus leaving the office the middle of May. The General Board and the Pastor will be working on a replacement. We would like to include the work of the Treasurer in the Office Administrator’s position. So we will be looking for applicants with computer skills and some accounting background. The applicant will work closely with the Pastor and have a major role in greeting guests to the church, answering phone calls and being a liaison between the Pastor and those who visit the office. This is a very important part of our ministry here at the church. Please pray about the Lord’s call upon the person He would desire to take on this ministry.

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