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Sunday Morning Service: Children's

· 10:00 a.m. Worship Service (Nursery Provided)
· 11:00 a.m. Fellowship Time
· Note: No Connections classes in the summer months & will resume in September.

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Connection classes are starting up on Sunday, October 2nd. @ 11;15. Pastor Keith will be leading a 5 week session on “Thriving in Babylon”. These are confusing times for many Christians. Traditional biblical values are not only rejected; it seems as if they’re attacked on every front. It’s all happened at warp speed, leaving many of us spiritually and culturally disoriented or even fearful, frustrated and angry. How can we spiritually survive in an increasingly spiritually hostile environment? And is there any hope for the next generation. There will be a video shown at each of the 5 class sessions followed by group discussion and handout of Scriptures to help apply each lesson. Everyone is welcome to this class.

Then, at the same time, Misty Knight will be facilitating a ladies class entitled, “Believing Jesus”. This is an 8 week video series taught by Bible Teacher, Lisa Harper. You will be retracing the revolutionary steps of the early Christians in Acts. After Jesus ascended to heaven, the Holy Spirit catapulted them forward with so much power, grace and authority that they dramatically impacted the world. “Are you Truly Willing To Risk Everything “ ...like the early Christians did?

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GOOD NEWS...GREAT JOY! National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child is November 14-21 here at the Community Church. Donna Hofmann will be coordinating this wonderful shoebox ministry. Start collecting your articles now for the many children who will benefit from Operation Christmas Child.

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Early Prayer is better!

Men's Prayer Meeting Wednesday mornings 6:00 a.m. @ Moab Grill. All men are invited for this time of fellowship & prayer.

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Everyone Can Serve

Look for opportunities to serve; don't wait to be asked!  Remember, you can serve without being a part of an "official" ministry. We all can:

  • Extend the word of welcome, whether or not we are official greeters
  • Be listening caring friends, whether or not we are offical lay counselors
  • Be ready to give reason for the hope that is in us, whether or not we are on the evengelism team
  • Be enthusiastic participants and ready to give a hand, whether or not we are on the planning or cleanup committees.


Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is Lord!

Working Pastor

If you have been around Moab the last week, you know that summer is over and fall has arrived. It is the best time of the year to be in Moab! The crisp morning air and the warm afternoon sunshine make for a fabulous living experience. I trust you all will be able to get outside the next month or so and enjoy what God has made.

With the fall season comes an opportunity for us to get back into a Connection Class. Connection Classes here at Community Church, are generally short periods of study and fellowship. For example, starting this Sunday after Worship, there will be Connection Classes offered that last for approximately eight weeks.

The group I will lead will look at how Christians can live victorious and vitalized lives in a culture that is not based on a Christian lifestyle. The study looks at how Daniel, of Daniel and the Lion’s Den, thrived in a culture that was decidedly anti-God. If you have ever worried about how the church will exist in our post Christian era, this may be of interest to you. This group will be for all that would like to participate. In our other study, that is for the ladies only, Misty Knight will facilitate. Here is a description of the class she will be leading. “In Believing Jesus, Bible teacher and author Lisa Harper retraces the steps of the apostles in the book of Acts, while throwing in a few of her own crazy adventures along the way. The disciples didn’t have much of a road map after Jesus ascended to heaven, but God’s grace and spirit filled in the gaps as they moved forward. It required their willingness to risk everything to establish a new community that would change the future world.” I trust that each of you will consider seriously being a part of a small group experience this Fall.

I enjoyed a few days off last week. I got a few jobs done around the house and then spent the rest of the week enjoying three of my grand kids. While they were here, I celebrated my birthday. Having kids around is one way to either feel your age or fight it. I’m believing they will keep me “young” for a few more years. By the way, thank you for remembering me on my birthday! It is great to be a part of a wonderful community.

Read on in this Newsletter. There are some fun things happening this month that you will not want to miss. Taking the time to be together is always rewarded. God bless each of you as you draw near to the Lord and lift Him up in all of your life. - PK

Jesus is Lord!
Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is Lord!

Come and meet people


Many of us who love the church, have found that one of the most powerful life changing aspects of the church is being in a group of people that help and encourage us along the way. In fact most churches that are experiencing real growth have discovered that groups are really the way to help people with their spiritual journey and ministry. To this end the Vision Team has been wrestling with the best way to launch some long-term groups that are shaped and centered in encouraging each participant and educating them con-cerning the themes and message of the Bible. So we are going to begin these kinds of groups in what we have formally called for a number of years discipleship classes. We would like to recognize the function of the groups by calling them Connections. The emphasis being that of connecting with others and establishing the kind of contact that issues in accountability and its resultant fruit i.e. peace, joy, love. We expect some evolution in how these groups operate. What we do have is a beginning date: Sunday September 21st. More information will be coming up. (Watch weekly bulletins) This is going to be a significant opportunity for you and yours. It will include all ages. There will be new groups forming for those who consider themselves young adults that will be meeting at different times and perhaps in different loca-tions. If you feel disconnected this may be your time to find that connection in your church.

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